Junior IT Recruitment Consultant

Experienced IT Recruitment Consultant

Quant Capital is an award winning Fintech (Financial Technology) recruitment company. We have a background in Quantitative Finance recruitment as well as the vendor side who supply to this market. We are partners to the fintech50 ( and well known in our space.

Within year 1 of the business we turned over £600k, doubling that in year 2.

We model ourselves on many of the clients we work for, creating a tech heavy trading type environment where everyone understands their own targets but is keen to enable those of others.

We are hardworking, efficient and ambitious; we completed our first year business plan in 4 months.

How we see ourselves:

Located on the dealing floor of a major trading business we are hard workers on the phone, we do not however accept every request, ensuring we can dedicate and offer effective solutions.

Results are important but attitude is our crucial Key Performance Indicator as the market can be taught but attitude can’t.

What we offer you:

Variable commission options from a minimum of flat 20% with a salary to 60% with a draw and desk options.

Dual Screen low latency tech (why waste time with emails and google when we can invest in technology).

Training from 2 well known independent trainers because as much as your “new manager” wants to invest in you, he won’t always have the time and different perspectives are beneficial to any business.

The standard holidays, targets, Tomorrowland, Michelin starred lunches etc.

Ability to decide on what resources you need, we expect business people so expect to justify cost and stick to it.

An atmosphere of value, any good recruiter knows their value and input to the business and what they expect out of it. Perform and be rewarded, if you don’t perform, let’s see why and how we can help.

A chance to be involved with a young, fast-paced successful business and grown your own identity in the recruitment market.

What you need:

  • A minimum of some sales experience
  • Proven interest in recruitment
  • Educated to a level where you can competently speak to senior hedge fund directors or some of the world’s brightest entrepreneurs / start-up managers.