Systems & Nework Engineering

With latency paramount and growing security threats globally, building quality infrastructure gives you a competitive advantage regardless of industry. Our Systems and Network Engineering team is split into four categories: Linux Engineering, Network Engineering, Infrastructure & Support and Cloud Computing.

Linux Engineering

The power of Linux is obvious, there is a reason most of the of the world’s most powerful supercomputers run on Linux and Unix based systems. The world’s top talent generally gravitate towards opensource technologies because they are able to customise, innovate and contribute their work to the huge open source community.

The Linux market is booming throughout the technology space, from public cloud providers such as AWS with 3-6 million servers running their own version of Linux to technology driven trading companies that rely on Linux gurus to build and maintain sophisticated ultra-low-latency systems. The growth of Linux based systems is huge and is showing no signs of slowing, the majority of start-up technology companies are dedicated to the open source vision and are attracting the very best talent because of it.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has exploded over the last decade with Amazon, Azure, and Google leading the way with 90% of companies utilising public clouds in some way. A well planned and managed cloud infrastructure can save a huge amount of money and offer quick scalable solutions for enterprise level busiensses as well as start-ups.

Network Engineering

The networking landscape is changing rapidly with companies moving more toward network automation and security. Shrewd engineers have been cultivating this skill set over the last few years and are in huge demand throughout the trading and technology space.

Infrastructure & Support

All businesses use technology and with a growing number of users it’s important to have highly experienced and conscientious support staff in place to manage on-board and provide end-user support. At the highest level of Windows Engineering, Powershell experts are automating everything and this is carrying over into Desktop Systems and support too.

We cover:

  • Linux Systems Engineering and Automation
  • Windows Engineering and Powershell Development
  • Desktop Support
  • Cloud Computing Specialists (AWS, Azure, GCP, Openstack)
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • Network Engineering and Network Automation
  • Network Security
  • FPGA and Low-latency systems and developement
  • High Performance Computing (HPC)